FFT - Sleepless Nights - Front Cover.jpg

Sleepless Nights

by Falling From Trees

5- track EP // Released June 1, 2018

"Sleepless Nights is easily the ‘debut’ that establishes the band’s true intentions musically." (Altwire)

Hot on the heels of their debut full band single, "Sleepless Nights" is a showcase of Falling From Trees' dynamic new sound. Gone is the stripped back acoustic vibe of old and in its place a bold new approach, combining their signature vocal harmonies and melodic songwriting with gritty electric guitars and a powerful rhythm section. From the down and dirty blues rock of "Dirty Footprints" to the haunting ballad of "Lying Awake", the five songs that make up "Sleepless Nights" draw influences from all over the place with a complete disregard for genre but are held together by Falling From Trees' unmistakable style.

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Physical copies also available to order here.