FATEA Magazine - "Words" [EP] Review

"Like a forest of smouldering leaves, Falling From Trees is a fantastically ambered-hair family of young performers with a 'happy folk' sound [...] If 'Falling from Trees' is 'happy folk' then the first track 'Words' is a joyous track. It is like a folk anthem with a bouncy, optimistic back arrangement." - "Words" [EP] Review

"There’s a theory, well proven, that siblings’ voices blend in a seamless way that few vocal collectives can achieve. The two brothers and a sister that form Falling From Trees are further proof of that assertion. Their latest EP, ‘Words’ is awash with engaging harmonies and deliciously effusive lead vocals, it also proves that Adam, Rebecca and Leo White compose string-driven tunes laden with subtle melodies and engaging hooks, walking the line between contemporary folk with touches of blues and a sprinkling of jazzy influence."


Live Performances -  The Revelation Brothers + Falling From Trees + Hot Raisin + The howtocuredyslexia Band @ OPEN, HANK @ The Owl Sanctuary 22 September 2017

"The development of this band in the two or three years since I first saw them is incredible. [...] I don’t think I’ve known such a rapid improvement in a band before, they’ve grown as a group so much, with the corresponding self confidence that comes with that. Tighter and bigger than ever they are thriving and the audience felt and loved it too." 


Outline Magazine - The Revelation Brothers Album Launch, OPEN Norwich

"They are fronted by vocalist Rebecca White, whose amazing voice always adds a sucker punch of soulful and smoking blues to their traditional folk influences. Brothers Adam and Leo provide vocal harmonies whilst Joey Scampion contributes some punchy bass playing and drummer Sam Ball effortlessly keeps everything tight. As a five piece, they sound better than ever."


Outline Magazine - Paddlefast presents: Yve Mary B, FfT & Matt Watson at Sewell Barn Theatre

"[...] flame-haired Rebecca provides smoulderingly velvet vocals that add a soulful R'nB edge to a folk-inspired performance. The set includes tracks from all three EP releases, including a sing-along version of Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way (which has one entire section of the audience swaying in their seats), and concludes with a smoking and distinctively blues interpretation of Percy Mayfield's Hit The Road Jack."